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Fixtures & Faucets

Is that constant drip from your shower head or kitchen faucet finally driving you crazy? That toilet continually running?


  • Sinks
  • Toilet repair & installation
  • Anti-scalding tub and shower faucets (Did you know that NC law states that water temperature shall be less than 120 Degrees Fahrenheit out of the spout. We install and repair all fixtures to abide by this law.)
  • Upgrade Faucets and Fixtures
  • Leaky faucet repair/replacement
  • Control valve replacement/repair
  • Faucet and Shower repair/installation
  • Icemaker installation
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Custom Spa & Jetted Showers
  • Washer hook-ups
  • Hose Bibb installation

Get in Touch

  3515 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA
  757 - 622 - 1444
  757 - 622 - 0822
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